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Carrier Cosmetics

We are FDA, ISO, CE, GMP and Legal Meteorology certified company and we truly believe in product innovation, quality and customer service. We promote Clean Beauty and our products are Non - Toxic, PH Balanced, Bio- degradable, Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Products and services : We are the Leading "Contract Manufacturer of Sheet Mask in India". This gives us a huge pride to bring up "MADE IN INDIA" sheet mask with any of your customized requirements in non-woven fabrics. ALLMASK has an immense wide range of Carrier Cosmetics and Skin Care Products like Facial Sheet Mask, Body Mask, Hair Mask, Cosmetic Wipes & Pads, Nose Strips, Wax Strips and Hydrogel Masks.

Main Category : Private Label

Sub Category : Filling machines